Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC)

Single channel per carrier (SCPC) means of using a single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. In an SCPC system, satellite bandwidth is used only by a single source.This is also called "Dedication". This system is useful when it is being used for broadcasting continuously such as TV or Radios. Another very common application is voice, where a small amount of fixed bandwidth is required.


All-Sat Communication provides point to point, point to internet solutions. Via satellite, we can connect your branch offices to head offices network data/telephone services. Using the products and services of the world wide companies that we distribute, All-Sat communication supplies notionwide and worldwide installation and service or planning. Morover, our technical team supports 7/24 support solutions to our clients via direct access.

Advantages of SCPC
  • Simple and reliable technology
  • Low-cost equipment
  • Bandwidth usage(up to a full transponder)
  • Generally 64 kbit/s to 50 Mbit/s
  • Easy to add additional receive sites